Picking up Vainglory for the first time since forever

And boy, did it change by a lot. Thinks the last new heroes when I stopped playing actively was Baptiste, whenever was that. First thing I noticed, is the lack of stats tracker that’s officialy supported by the game, such as VGPRO. One of the most important features in any MOBA games and they pulled the plug on it. Bravo, SEMC. Or should I say, Rogue Games? Looks like they’re the big boss now. Done gave us some mystery box keys. Notable loots I got including Miho (she’s a fast favorite of mine now) and Legendary Glaive skin. Thanks, Rogue. Then the level system. Used to be, it’s a long and steady progression to reach level 30. Within 4 days now, I leveled 6 times to level 34. Think there’s a 1000 ICE in the level 40 chest? I misses the bounty twice now when SEMC raised the level cap. And what’s the level cap nowadays anyway? I scrolled all the way to level 200, then I was too tired to even find out.

On to the actual MOBA-ing, I decayed all the way to T4 on both 3v3 and 5v5. Never give a damn about 5v5, so’s I just boot up the 3v3, which, for some reason, no longer have casual mode associated with it. I’m quite glad to find out 3v3 is still sees play here in SEA server; queue time rarely goes longer than 1 minutes, and I was matched with some rather pleasant people, who would gladly pick support/tank and not throw the match away afterwards. Currently cheesing the whole WF to GS with combinations of Skye and Ozo plays, a few wins and I should be a CT, eventually I’ll be back stagnating or bouncing between T7 and T8, cool.

Coming back to this game, the experience has rather been positive (sans the lack of capability to check my stats), better than I expected really. Was planning to delete the game after a short time, now it looks like VG is going to be quite a keeper now on my phone. You think VG in it’s current state is fun to play?


Ignoring stuff like unbalanced heroes and occasional lag, the game is as fun as ever to play imo. A lot of the problems with the game mainly just stems from the disappointing out-of-game experience, such as the now inactive API like you mentioned, and lack of incentive to make players active due to weak in-game “events” and non-worthwhile ranked rewards.
It’s actually really refreshing to see some positivity towards the game despite its currently dormant state. Now that Rouge has taken over, I really hope they can bring back the game to a good state.

Quality tastes in 3H waifus, btw and welcome to these forums


Well , Iam ranking 3v3 in EU I get some bad players and good players , today’s games were good I got good players , yesterday for example I got a carry who decided for some reason getting kraken while all enemy dead and long death timer and only one turret left , we had 4 turrets up , thanks to him we lost the match , but today I got players that push the last 3 turrets no problem , so it’s weird .

Yeah the core gameplay is still great, but the out of game experience is what decreased my interest in the game overall. Hopefully Rogue fixes all of this in a timely manner. If the next patch or the patch after that is sizable, I can definitely see myself becoming active in the game again

In EU? Which is your ign? :smiley:

To play together ? , I don’t like party it’s easy to win , Iam just ranking to see the players not actually pushing to a goal and I fill , even in 2 games I got trolled by a guy saying he is going to jungle and he went roam after I already picked a roam , and another guy didn’t say anything in the draft and I went jungle then he went jungle , like I don’t get why people troll , I was open to fill anyway .

But to know who you are if I ever meet you in a match (which is kind of impossible since I barely play )