Phone died

So my phone got messed up and I’m looking for a new one wanted to which one to get it
Ie. I had a motog5splus and was looking at a one plus 6 any thoughts?

Also I play pubg mobile and was wondering if anyone s phone ran it at ultra graphics and which one

Also more likely to get an Android

The OnePlus line boasts reaaaallly good hardware for a cheaper price than other “popular brands”. My brother would totally reccommend it. He currently has the 5T (waiting for the 6T), and he is really happy with it. He plays PUBG on there too.

The downside to it is the mediocre camera, but some people may not give a crap about that.

Definitely get the OnePlus, they’re very good phones.

How long have you had the G5S for? Asking because I bought one earlier this year and want to know if I’m going to run into any problems. Lol

Less than a year bought it at Best buy worked perfectly but then the screen started to save the last thing that was on the screen and kind of masked it on the current screen don’t know why and today it broke even through it did not hit the floor I think when I feel it violently shook and the screen went black but the actual phone still works I can feel it vibrating

Moto Z2 play is an affordable strong phone. Its what I’m using now. @350-400

Huawei Psmart is a lower end still decent phone @€200

I wouldn’t suggest samsung or apple price/spec wise…

oneplus 6 for gaming is a great choice - good body temps, performance is great (1080p screen helps and the screen itself is OK), good camera too as a bonus and long support/frequent updates. The major problem is that it has a tiny speaker and that kinda mess up a little the gaming experience. Otherwise the phone is great value for real and one of the best for gaming (I exclude asus rog phone that is not sold yet).

For PUBG I saw videos how people play it on oneplus 6 on ultra with great FPS. You can search for them (gaming review, etc).


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Oneplus 6 doesn’t have mediocre camera tho. They bumped that to good level. Not flagship level, but pretty good for pics. Right now the two problems is the notch (atleast it has a hiding option in the software) and the tiny speaker.

Oh I was referring to the OnePlus 5’s cam, but yeah. You basically just summed it up.

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