Phinn legendary talent is OP

Ok so I’ve played in a couple games that had a phinn with the rapid health regain talent. And let me tell you, it was not fun. At all. This guy is virtually unkillable 1v1, let alone with the whole team barraging attacks. All I’m saying is this talent might need a review and maybe a possible nerf. Has anybody else had this experience or just me?


Just ignore him in fights, especially in 1v1s no less. While he is near-invincible, he’s useless without allies.


I’ve never played against this talent in brawl modes so I can’t give any feedback on it. ^^

This. He’s hard to kill, but he does little more than annoy you. Just attack the squishies he’s trying to protect, then take him on when they’re dead.

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I think he’s just a Breaking Point stack bank. Just attack him, get stacks and kill his allies.


Good point. If you’re not buying BP when you’re facing Phinn, you’re doing it wrong.


He can tank turret shots solo. I saw a Phinn walk to our base in BR and stop our entire minion stream solo. We could not even 3 man him…

We had BP and DE…

In all honesty sounds like that guy had a good laugh


Yeah he did but it was really messed up. Either 3v1 Phinn in your base and let the other two enemies take your turrets or never get a minion ever again.

In blitz you really don’t need minions but in battle royale they are a little more needed

His L Talent makes him useless IMO.
Bc if you ignore him you will be fine.
I prefer his Epic Talent, although I have his three Talents I always use his Epic.
But yes, he’s invincible, but you can go with Breaking Point or Aftershock and you’ll be okay.

get poison shiv or spell fire, mortal wound affect his talent and reduce his healing by a major amount. You can get breaking point and dragons eye and get free stacks off of him and he should be dead soon enough.

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p o i s o n s h i v !
s p e l l f i r e !
b p a n d d e !

those are your bffs when facing against good old raid boss phinn

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You…do realize you’re not actually supposed to kill him…right?