Pewdiepie has done it again

This is sarcasm. Please don’t hit me with the hate.

Go home editor, you’re drunk lol


Plot twist: Pewdiepie was wearing Logan Paul’s skin to make it look like Logan went into the suicide forest and filmed it to get views


i don’t get it. please explain. whats the joke? :sweat_smile:

PewDiePie mistaken for that bonehead Logan Paul.

i just googled both of them. i don’t see any similarity what so ever. Is this a meme?

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Logan Paul is a pseudo-famous D-list “celebrity” with a penchant for himself, he took a group of his cronies to Aokigahara - the “suicide forest” - in Japan.

Not too far into the forest, they came across the recently deceased corpse of a man who’d hung himself, and, instead of doing something that requires a brain and/or a heart, they kept filming and made it into something of a “viral video” of which was monetized.

It’s pretty disgusting, I can go on, but yeah.

The joke is that it wasn’t PewDiePie who found the poor soul.

Edit: Name.


I get it now. thanks. is this a regular thing? Logan Paul and PewDiePie being mistaken for each other?

Not sure, I don’t keep up with Youtubers and all that nonsense. This just happened to be pretty big news, as obviously, it’s a pretty terrible thing to have done.

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it is just that pewdiepie recently went for a holiday in japan and the writer of the article is confusing him to logan paul

Note pewdiepie didnt not do anything stated up.

The logan paul incident happened many months go and pewiepie just went to japan last year