People who consistently dodge games have no soul and shall burn in hell

Back then, the punishment for not doing well in a match usually resulted in low priority que. 3 Dislikes, 2 from your teammates, 1 from the enemy, or just the whole enemy team agreeing to send you to oblivion. It sucked that even if you won fair and square, if enough people reported you they could easily send you to low priority que. The devs fixed this and made a more fair judgment system against trolls, right…?

Well, the thing is that the punishment for dodging BEFORE getting into a match is either bugged, or does not work at all. I started playing as a guest and grinded enough to be matched with real players, and after that I dodged every single match that I found, along with some other hellspawns just like myself. Nothing happened. I kept dodging for almost an hour before I realized that the pre-draft punishment system was broken, reason why so many people complain about getting dodged +5 times in a row and so. You can ruin everyone’s matches the whole day and you will rarely get penalized. Devs need to implement a better punishment system agains these type of people, as well as better reporting mechanics.

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I understand what you mean,just today some douche dodged the matchmaking about 4-5 times and i had to wait 10 mins between each one!
I totally agree with this and it should be fixed asap since it ruins everybody’s expierience.

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