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This is so funny. So I went into a 5v5 casual with the sole purpose of trying joystick controls and goofing off. I just picked CPVox, and I had a WP Skye on my team. Our Celeste pretended to AFK at some point, our Kensei had no clue what he was doing, and I was just goofing off. We lost big time, and I was just trying to figure out wether or not the Joystick controls were helpful or not. I see that my WP Skye FQ me, so I hit yes. He than just starts repeating “ur so bad” and “you are ****”. I just start saying it was just a casual and that I was goofing off and checking out joystick, while he just keeps repeating himself like a youtube vine stuck on loop. That’s when he starts saying I played exactly like my tier (T6 aka ELO hell) and I remind him how I was goofing off. He than says he never wants to see players like me again, and I tell him that he is T10, and most likely won’t. I than proceed to just try and make him laugh it off, when he says , and I quote, “bye bye bitch :)”, and that it was an honor for me to be on his friends list for the 5 minutes I was on it. I say cya and he deletes me. I don’t want to put this under Salt Mine, as I just thought it was funny, but I think it does belong here. Anyway, it’s amazing how people tryhard even casuals. It’s really kinda funny and stupid at the same time.

EDIT: Also he was saying that he was happier to have ended up with the AFK Celeste.

ur so bad
ur so bad
ur so bad
ur so bad
ur so bad

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ur so bad

  • ur so bad
  • you are ****

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But seriously, screw 'em. Their opinion means nothing and obviously they’re projecting, and/or have a lot underneath the rug making quite the mound.

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I think he’s a pro player swear I saw him somewhere in the esports scene, but other than that I met him in ranked but I got boosted by seullee and darklon xDxD

Some people just need to be eliminated from the human race and by some I mean a lot

universe-culling finger snapping intensifies


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