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Peacock Anka skin teaser


[Moderator edit: added link to original tweet]


Just a suggestion - How about naming this thread as “Teasers for Upcoming Patch - [what teaser is the latest.]”

Something like this Teasers for Upcoming Patch! - Peacock Anka.

That way, you’ll get to post all the links in the first page of the thread and reduce the amount of threads that people make for teasers.


Can’t wait to be killed by a peacock


I wonder…

We got one month left on the Battle Pass, but a good portion probably already hit Sunlight Level 100.

Are we going to get a new Battle Pass (we should logically)?

If that is to be the case, then Anka skin is probably not a ‘Battle Pass tied skin.’

However, that means we could probably mean we will be getting a skin for San Feng as the Battle Pass starter like Magnus, then a skin set of 3 for another hero.

So the usual five skin slots seems pretty much filled for the next upcoming patch.


Not really a fan of the peacock. If she was a bird, I most definitely wouldn’t think her as that.

So um Appqrently Anka might br getting new skin

30 chars


Time to get practising her. I’m getting that skin as soon as… oh wait cards don’t exist anymore.


Lorelai is crying : dude give me a chicken skin , not even chicken just a feather please