PC/Mac Alpha Discussion

Given the positive changes in 3.9 and a few decent matches on iOS, I decided to re-install the alpha on my gaming PC. As I do from time to time to test the new player experience, I also created a new account, which I’m going to use for PC play exclusively for now.

I figured it might be good to create a topic for folks to post their thoughts on the desktop versions of VG :desktop_computer:

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It plays quite smoothly, but the out of game UI looks a little awkward on PC. The amazing thing is the game doesn’t look bad, while it maybe doesn’t match something like Dota2 no one would thing your playing a mobile native game.

I agree with your comments about the UI – it’s particularly awkward on my ultrawide monitor in fullscreen mode. Regarding the in-game graphics: the only real issue I’ve noticed is that some of the effects with transparency (the mist coming out of the gold mine/Kraken pit, the smoke when turrets fire, and the flames from the torches) suffer from low resolution banding and don’t look nearly as good on PC as they do on mobile.

However, VG easily looks as good as League does, imo.

Also, the controls are much better since the last alpha I installed.

the gameplay is preety smooth but it takes me about 3mins to get into a match and for some reason i always get a deserter even though im always staring at the loading screen and after i join i play the whole round.

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This is why I’m using a brand new account … :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I wasn’t talking about mm, what I meant was after the draft it takes 2-3mins to get into the game. I missed 2 seasons and I’m at tier 4 so matches are found pretty fast.

Oh! Now that’s weird!

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I can load games like gta5 and cs:go a lot faster than that. So it should not be hardrive issue.

As I don’t care for out of game experience that much I’ll go straight to gameplay.

Overall really good. I play mainly on PC as my tablet is getting really laggy. Not many things to say but anyway. They need to let us change controls. Also if possible hold space to unlock camera. I don’t want to have to hold space down to have the camera locked on me. Might be a thing in LoL Dota etc but there’s no reason not to have it as option. Now I play with locked in camera so if I have to see somewhere else I waste a lot of time to unlock. I mean just let it be the opposite. Hold to unlock instead of hold to lock.

Trying to attack using A doesn’t really work at all sometimes it attacks one target other times another and sometimes it doesn’t do anything at all.

Attack speed is kinda too high on some heroes. I am not PC MOBA veteran but some heroes like SAW, Ringo for example don’t seem possible to stutterstep with. Others like Celeste and Skaarf are also very hard to use but I don’t see solution to that besides just training hard on them.

I don’t have problem with loading times but I don’t see masteries on heroes.