Patch Note Guessing Game

As the title says, its a guessing game. And the reward will be a meme.

Each hero or map change is a point.
The second way to get two points is to guess the ability thats going to be changed. As for the map change, whatever feature is going to get changed is two points as well.

Rona Buff
Reim Buff - A ability
Glaive Buff - Ult buff/ Stat buff

Anka Nerf - B nerf
Kinetic Nerf - Perk nerf (Perk no longer is Basic Attack damage but Empowered basic attack damage)

Heres a meme anyways

Black claw change to be more impactful.

Lance Buff
Kinetic wp scaling lowered.

Kinetic perk nerf.
Rona buff.
Reim buff (A?)
Baron nerf (rip)
Plus wave nerf (stats)
Silvernail buff
Flicker nerf
BF buff?

BF should get the buff due to him having one of the lowest defense stats out of any melee.

If I get that low of defense, i should expect more damage than Kensei or Reza to balence it out.

His win rate is also shit, he needs more than just defence, his damage is none existent. His execute is a joke, he can’t chase and play with only 2 abilities as he can’t use his B without his slow due to giving too much time to the enemy to just scale, forcing him to burn ult charges.

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Petal nerf
Reim nerf
Saw nerf
Ozo nerf
Joule nerf
Kensei buff
Kenetic buff
Anka buff
Fortress buff
Churnwalker buff

I loved how you reversed it :sleeping: This text will be blurred

RNG buffed
F2P nerfed


SM buff
Vox change
All heroes changed
New hero buffed
PS nerf

Fort A speedboost and lifesteal big nerf
Kinetic basic attack range nerf
Reim basic attack fort health buff/fix
Celeste A range nerf
Anka A small tweak

Ardan epic talent nerf
Idris rare big nerf
Ringo rare range buff

Giv meme

Guess which patch:

Petal gets nerfed into oblivion

Saw buff
Rona buff
Petal buff
Lance buff
Kestrel buff
Anna nerf
Kinetic her def stats nerf
Glaive buff

By the way, I suppose the guessing game should be over since we’ve got a good amount of info on what’s the patch notes from this video/stream here:

Other than that, I think we’re missing some other details.

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This balance is OK but saw not need nerf he so easy to counter lol rip saw

Hats buffed
Quality of game nerfed
Dev nerf / “rework”

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I want CP Blackfeather back. Return the slow on on point by making it scale with CP.

Wp BF can stay in the grave because of excecute…