Patch 2.2 Incoming

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Big changes tbh, they really improved the game for the USA release (atleast, because it was delayed so much). Hope you all enjoy the game already and actually like it!

I’ve played the various tutorials (mainly because I’m a completionist – the game is very similar to PC League, and the controls were easy to pick up) and one AI match, and I like it so far. However, my frame rate hasn’t been great – I’m getting a lot of stuttering – so I’m trying to figure out whether it’s my device (iPad Pro from a few years ago) or whether it’s server lag. My network ping is stable at about 50 ms, which is normal for me.

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I play the game on my iphone 11 pro max maxed out 60fps - runs super smooth and no frame drops in team fights or any other time. It’s possible to be server lag tho, because it’s new and a lot of players are hamming the servers. You can try to go into settings and choose performance mode - if that won’t help you can always revert to better gfx knowing the issue is not device performance. Keep in mind that best gfx are achieved only via custom graphics settings, quality is balanced and not maxed out.

The game is indeed really similar to PC league (especially early days!) - while shorter, you got all the phases and they didn’t dumb down heroes/items. I am quite happy with the game tbh, waiting to hear from you in few more days time! :))

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So I unlocked Xayah (ofc) with my reward for completing all the tutorials, and I played an AI match with her to see how she feels: tbh, she seems a little awkward, in that there’s a lot of auto aiming, which is not great with Xayah. (The aimbot doesn’t really know where I want to put her feathers. :unamused:)

The other thing I’m struggling with is that everything is so small. Granted that I play League on an ultrawide monitor, but seeing the champs from League in miniature on what looks like League’s map but zoomed waaay out is really kind of jarring. It reminds me of how I felt when VG’s 5v5 mode came out. (The zoom level of VG’s 3v3 mode was perfect, imo.)

On the plus side, the performance issues seem to have resolved themselves: everything seemed smooth today.

I unlocked Rakan first and have been popping enemies like bubbles with his AP Path… :flushed:

Diana is gonna be my second unlocked character and Camille last since I already played her.

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