Paste's 50 Best Anime Series of All Time

I see most of my favourites are there
My top 5
Cowboy bebop
Fullmetal Alchemist
Wolf’s rain
Fate/stay night
Cardcaptor sakura/tsubasa chronicles (which surprised wasn’t on the list)

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But overall pretty ok list imo.

Black Lagoon series is high on my list.

it just ticks so many boxes.

i would’ve put Ghost in the shell much higher.

And one of my all time favourites - Macross Plus - only 4 parts, but So, SO good.

I got as far as Fate on the first page and stopped reading

Spoiler: Evangelion (my personal fave) came in at #2

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I see you have phenomenal taste. Evangelion is honestly one of my highest-praised pieces of art, period. Not even kidding.

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