Passable terrain/walls in th Rise

Can anyone share areas that can be passed through?
As Lance I was stuck a lot of times…

Someone with mapping skills?
@HipsterSkaarf I know you are great with maps.
This could be a very valuable contribution to the community.

@Tiem @idmonfish both of you have extensive game knowledge can you help map areas?

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That’s a great idea. I can’t get to it today, most likely, but can probably start something tomorrow or next week.

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People can sum up areas here and a finished product can be stickied.

Haven’t found a single passable area yet though :frowning:

It’ll depend on the hero - Glaive can get through a lot, for instance, and Grace can too, with a target.

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Lance? Joule, Rona? The walls are way thicker in 5v5

Yah, this would be super helpful. I have no idea what’s passable and what’s not right now, and my success rate has been basically zero getting through things. As @Xaldarian says, the walls are a lot thicker on the Rise …

Yeah, it’s variable. A lot of the walls have a taper to them, so you can pass through parts, but not all unifomly. I’ve had pretty good luck with vanguarding and gauntleting through some though, for instance. If the ability circle is a body-width beyond the obstacle, it usually works.


Ahhhhh, that’s a key observation …

Nice call, I know they deliberately made them thicker as hero like Rona had to much mobility.

Be a useful resource

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just tested it with joule. she can get over every wall, but for some she needs to stand right at the edge of it.
the only problematic distance is the thick part just left of the wp treant and the thick parts in the bottom and top lanes.
the rest is no problem for her.

Can anyone post a good full map picture?

There isn’t a publicly available hi-res map yet, but if you guys want to collect info, I can transform that into a graphic.

Maybe I should make the first post a wiki, and we try having folks edit with their findings?


That’s the best publicly-available map graphic at present …

Zooming in on that interactive map is delicious :opaf: … I want to patch all the individual tiles into a mega-map, but it’d be 320 different sections, and I’m not motivated enough yet lol


Didn’t someone do this? I swear I saw a map with jump spots. Maybe it was reddit?

Can’t find it anywhere…

If you come across it please share it.

They did it with Vox

But that is a video right?



Ya ok I’m not going crazy. There you go. Vox has one of the shortest dashes so it likely applies to everyone. Most can probably cover more ground.

I also know that grump can eat past walls, specifically the wall behind the top dragon. Just FYI.