Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2018

So, I bought a few loot boxes this AM and got the two skins I really wanted:

Sad to say, no Christmas D.Va skin again this year :sob:


Ikr. It makes me sad. Would love to see a Reindeer Mech for a D.Va skin.

Haven’t played it yet and probably won’t be able to until next week’s wednesday but I already know that Krampus Junkrat is one of the best skins ever introduced. You can’t change my mind.

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Mercy’s face is really different in that skin, weird. Both great skins but I’ve already got talon on widow and Valkyrie mercy, teddy bear zarya tho is what I want this time

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I think it’s the fact that I grabbed that with my iPhone camera instead of through a screenshot … Mercy looks normal in game, actually.

Lol, I got him and gift-wrapped Bastion too, so I did pretty well!

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