Overwatch: Halloween Terror 2018

The Halloween and Winter Wonderland events are the best OW events of the year! Can’t wait till next week!

Oh dunno if you’ve seen the ptr leak so spoiler

Ow Halloween spoilers

So doom is one of the six heroes to be used in the Halloween event, wonder what the new event will be in chateau I assume from the last tweet

pic if you wanna see the heroes

I really like overwatch Halloween, was ready looking forward to playing junkensteins revenge again

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My guess is (from top left to bottom right) Wrecking Ball, Moira, Doomfist(we already know tho), Brigitte (or Genji), Soldier, and Sombra.

If it wrecking ball, I wonder what the mech would be. Maybe a giant eyeball?

Since he is wearing a sack over his head I’m thinking he is an executioner so he is going to need an execution machine of some sorts, like an iron maiden, guillotine, and mace mixed all in one.

My new favorite Moira skin, blackwatch Moira skin is second for now.


Was honestly expecting a legendary for her (from another leak) so she could be a villain in the event

I can’t believe I didn’t predict Pharah. I’m sad that Brigitte isn’t getting a skin though, she barely has any.

I really like the Pharah one – I love how she has no head when she takes off her helmet!

I’d like to have seen a Brigitte one also. But of course, I was really hoping for my best girl D.Va to get one – I envisioned Tokki as a giant pumpkin :jack_o_lantern:

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I still really want Overwatch but have never brought myself to get it :man_shrugging:

Pick it up during one of the 50% off sales they have from time to time :sunglasses:


I’ll keep my eye out, thank you!

Awwww, I was hoping for Tokki to be a pumpkin instead :bacon_tears:

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Guess I gotta be lucky af when my first halloween box gave me Totally 80’s Zarya, then within the next 3 boxes I got Slasher: 76 and Undead McCree!

I’m still sad tho, cause I really wanted a D.VA skin, next time, I hope.

Also, fun game! Just made my second potg with D.VA again! Still very new at the game and I don’t play it often but I am enjoying it lots!

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