Other MOBAs, and the characters you pick in those

I’d like to discuss other the other heroes in other MOBAs you may play, in comparison to the ones you pick in Vainglory.

I’ve recently gotten a few of my friends into LoL, because they don’t have devices compatible with Vainglory - and after spending much time with LoL, I’m realizing that my playstyle in League is quite different from my playstyle in Vainglory.

Do you play any other MOBAs? Are your picks similar across the board, or does it differentiate between individual platforms?

Arena of Valor, DotA2, League, Vainglory, etc.

I play league nearly every day. I usually play champions that are more proactive and aggresive, like LeBlanc, Thresh, Zed, Jhin, and new Irelia. Never really liked playing really passively unless the situation calls for it or I think otherwise.

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How does this compare to who you pick in VG? Are your playstyles/habits the same there?

I dont play vg. But I did like playing people like Idris and Glaive

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When playing dota and dota2 i tended to main Lesale Deathbringer the Venomancer

You’ve stumped me. Out of curiosity, am I being low-key trolled? What brings you to a VG community forum if you don’t play?


I’m sorry, so I can’t be here anymore? I used to be a part of this community and some of the people I care about hang out in OT and like to see what people talk about here (most of the time anyways), like games and other jazz. Sorry for “low-key trolling” you for trying to post my opinion on the off-topic section.


No, holy smokes that’s so far out of context to what I asked and not implied by any means. I was just curious. I wasn’t accusing you of trolling, I was genuinely asking if maybe it was a joke or something that I wasn’t getting.

Additionally, I wouldn’t ever ask any member of the community to leave, or to not be a part of this, just because maybe they didn’t play Vainglory. That’s ridiculous.

Thank you for answering my question, though. I’m fairly certain you’re one of many individuals here who don’t play VG anymore but came from the older forums, or used to play VG.

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I play teemo in counter strike


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