Ora, The Stormqueen’s Time Keeper

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Heroic Perk: Two Hands Of The Clock

Ora can target her auto attacks to an ally, giving a bonus attack speed and movement speed for 0.15 seconds. Can only be used again after 8 seconds.

Additionally, if her clock is not with her, Time Stop and Time Travel can not be casted.

Ability A: Reminisce

Ora places her clock on the ground. Her clock returns to her if she leaves 6 meters away from her clock. If re casted, she returns to the position of the clock.

Ability B: Time Stop

Ora uses her clock to stop the time. When this ability is used, everyone in Ora’s are of vision, even Ora’s allies are stunned for .60 seconds.

Ability C/Ultimate: Time Travel

Ora uses her clock, going back to the past.

Passive: Dead allies are revealed in the mini map.

Active: Ora can bring back a dead ally. Tap on this ability and then tap on a corpse on the ground of an ally to revive them with full health and full energy. Ability cooldowns remains the same as to when they died.

I don’t really think a revive hero is a good idea. It would make the game hella unbalanced just by giving heroes an extra life.

Time-based heroes are always goin to be really hard to create, and I don’t think any moba I’ve seen has done it correctly yet. Because you can’t really turn back time in a game, what they can do is very limited.

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I like the idea myself, and I think it could work – think of a combination of Tracer’s recall and Mercy’s rez abilities from Overwatch.


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Can she revive Julia , Ardan crying
Iam with the captains and I like this hero , you know Iam actually thinking about a hero with global abilities as a captain , so I don’t need to move around with the hero body , I can just cast and help from a distance , like healing buffing protecting .


I know it works in overwatch, but it being an FPS and much faster paced I think makes the difference. Maybe I’m wrong. I do like the Reminisence though, and the stopping time idea is definitely something needed on a time based hero.

I can’t seem to find it anymore but I swear I once created a time based hero who could use his ability to reset allies’ abilities (y’know, like echo) and also put enemies’ abilities on cooldown. Maybe it was on the old forums. I’ll have a check later.

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