Option to select Talents before matches is gone

I’m not sure if I’ve disabled something on my end, or if this is just something that the VG team has decided that it would be best for me not to have. I really need it turned back on though, so I can get back to slaying on a mass scale. Any thoughts??

Are you playing modes other than Blitz, Practice, or ARAL (which isn’t currently available) when this happens? If so, it’s completely intentional that you can’t select a talent because they’re intended only for the brawl modes previously mentioned. If not, then it’s definitely a huge bug that you should message support about.

I only play ARAL. I also have tried Practice mode as well. I have tried getting the Talent selection screen on both of my profiles. On an Iphone. Thanks DIMTI Raider

Are you sure it’s aral and not aram? Aram has no talents

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I’m positive. It seems that they have only limited the Talent usage to Blitz only, which is foolish in my opinion

ARAL isn’t even available at the moment: it was replaced by ARAM earlier this week.

The current brawl modes are Rumble, Blitz, and ARAM – making Blitz the only mode you can play right now which features talents.