Opening 8 epic keys

Opened my 8 epic chest from 50 usd deal
Here what I got

520 opals

Frakenflicker and horcus idris

Now I have enough who to get SM Joules or Kaiju Phinn?

  • Snow Monster Joules
  • Kaiju Phinn
  • Save opals for future

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it’s 6000+ ice, right?
2 epic and 500opal is not really impressive… imo…


Donate ice boi :smile:
I need skinzz

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can i have a key please? (Never mind I use google opinion rewards:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

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No 18k ice …30 characters

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Will Gwen and reza skins be opals or will they be forgable?

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Phin is kinda useless in 5vs5… the skin looks good, but what point if one would not ever use it, except for the lolz in casual. That’s the problem with some of the heroes and most of the captains - they were designed for 3vs3… to face one enemy carry, one enemy jungler and one enemy captain. Now in 5vs5 there are twice the targets - 3 carries, 1 jungler and a captain. Most of the skills don’t do enough impact and thus the meta is shaping to exclude the captains or go hybrid for selected few that are good at that.


Phinn is amazing with a coordinated team in 5v5 - so much utility.



you can buy at least 5 legendary skin with that…

praise be the light…


Problem is getting a team and being able to play on fixed moments.

Soloque for life :disappointed_relieved:

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Kek I have both Kaiju Phinn AND Snow Monster Joule :^)

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This is what I was thinking…

What advantage is there to buying the chests?

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I have both. SM Joule is arguably the best skin in the game. She is riding a freaking yeti!! Plus unless you are a roam main, you should have more chances to play Joule as she can fill either top or bot lane.

its better for people who just start playing bc there are a lot less dupes to pull

IMO save opals for future just bc they occasionally have sales. If you get a lot of opals often and don’t really care though, I’d go for Snow Monster Joule.

Ok this makes sense. Somehow I didn’t even think about that :stuck_out_tongue:

Ka-ching son!

Started from the bottom now we here

Holy duplicates, this makes me wish I could afford some chests. Hot damn all that loot.