Onmyoji Arena

Anyone plays it? Wanna play together? Add me, same name there as here


I just deinstalled ML and switched.

Not convinced of the style yet but it looks decent.

Onmoyi is the most stable moba out there.
It is clean, crisp and pretty great.

I’m taking this word from you and putting it away


i really enjoyed it but unfortuneately had much worse lag than vg or ml :pouting_cat:
literally unplayable

All 3 have sub 50ms lagg but onmoyi is the smoothest for me.

I love the double customizable skill on top of the 3 actives, 1 passive.

Heal and flicker make for exciting engagements.

Talk to me if you enjoy playing Bot lane. I play Bot for my squad (Jungler and Support + Sometimes Top) and it’s now my least favourite role because of how hard you can get shafted by elements out of your control :cry:

Also because any damage lower than Chin is heresy.

Oh yes I’ve played for 40 days and I’m a proud Puppeteer and Susabi main

I am starting to main support with the old man on the fish. His Kit is sick its like Phinn+Lyra.

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Well Kusa is a better healer and she’s kinda broken (100% ban in rank)
I recommend Kaguya and Ichimokuren, they’re better supps than Ebisu but not banned

Kusa is just a healer, I like having a pull and an aoe stun on top of that…

Now Gold 2 in 3 days time.

Kusa has a long ranged 1.8s aoe root, which is wayyyy more effective than a 0.6s melee mini stun. And the hook is really hard to land, I prefer Grakk’s or Phinn’s hook

I have no issues with landing the hook. I pull enemies towards me ans stun them while I have an ally with me. I land like 20+ hooks per game


I have only lost once with him and was MVP that time…