One Question Quiz forthe Forumers

What was the original name for Broken Myth

Item not website


no one else is suspicious how one website goes downhill and boom another comes out of nowhere?

Omgggg not the Website, i mean item Broken Myth

Hehe… it was a synonym for Broken, but I’ll let someone else guess.

@Xhaos you might remember, being one of the few true OGs here.


I think it was always Broken myth I’m sure. Maybe you’re thinking of how Broken myth went through a rework in which case the broken myth used to amplify crystal power and not just bought crystal power from itsms it would amplify the abilities natural crystal damage so the items was really strong and always top meta mage item. I would say majority of VG history the item was always first built and shatter glass was commonly never built at all because broken myth was all you needed. I can’t say the exact number it amplified crystal power because it had many different number ratios to balance it ultimately just became reworked to fix the issue with it being a must on mages(if you didn’t have the item you did no damage as a mage) but it worked like BP where it would amplify more crystal power over time(I think the time ranged from 6 seconds to 8 seconds for Max stacks depending on the patch it was balanced on .)

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It’s been Broken Myth since … October? of 2014 for the worldwide release. But before that, RiseChu’s right, it was called something else! :happy:

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Really? Damn we gonna have to resurrect someone to get the answer.

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If you know where to look, you can find the answer. :wink:

@corpus @magmaw
o wait… they left

Splintered Myth ? …

Which hero was the first to talk ?

EDIT - @Saint7502 Also, it used to be underpowered and cost too much to be worth anything until the name change


U remember!!! Ik the answer to your answer and its a hero whos had multiple reworks :slight_smile:

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I don’t actually remember because I didn’t take the game super seriously at the time. I do remember that I stopped playing when Krul was released.

But oof I didn’t scroll down to see someone get the answer right already.

Also, since we’re on the topic of random trivia - what happened to Warhorn ? This isn’t a quiz, I just genuinely have no idea

war horn got merged into something (i cant remember what it was) to make war treads

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war horn made of stormguard banner , so it got two things , damage and team mobility
so as roam we used to have two mobility items war horn and boots
so semc did a split , made the stormguard banner upgrade to stormcrown and gives cooldown and damage , and made war horn mobility with the boots as one item called war treads .

but stormcrown turned to a jungle item and semc liked it that way until they nerfed it later , good old days , contraption gives AOE damage and warhorn gives object damage .