One of the best games I have ever played... was with a troll

posted in the original Vainglory Forums 23 November 2015 by @mjs78 archived by @thace

Yesterday I had one of the most bizarre and heartwarming matches I had ever played. It started off like any other, I was in a party with my friend, and a third random. Enemy party was all random as far as I could tell.

Our team was vox, joule (me) and Catherine (my friend). Enemy was Celeste, taka, and a Rona that afked after 2 minutes. The match started, we cleared some jungles, and invaded a bunch. However, every time we invaded, I noticed something strange. The taka would stand by us and watch us take his farm. I would attack him, he would retreat a bit, then he would come back and watch us farm. I was like, oh great, a troll, so I ignored him after a while.

After that, he would help us clear the farm, then let us take the last hits. All the while the laners were furiously bashing each other. My friend and I would smile at the taka, and “play” with him. I would jump over his head, Catherine would run around him. We became great buddies.

However, when vox came down he had a different idea. He attacked the taka, and like a frightened animal, taka boxed away, only to come hide with Catherine and I. We pinged avoid on taka, but vox didn’t seem to get it. He eventually ignored taka, but was never to friendly.

Later Celeste came down and seemed pretty chill. We all stood around in a circle and did teleporting dances together. Vox still attacked the Celeste, but Celeste only played defensively.

When the kraken spawned, we took her down together. When it was time to last hit, everybody stood there, except for vox, who went ahead and took it. The enemy only had 2 turrets left due to vox’s try Harding in the lane, and taka had only built oakhearts, so it was clear the enemy was going to lose. So our team surrendered and gave them the win.

Afterwards taka friended me and I asked him wtf just happened. He said he was “tired of all the fighting in this game, and just want(ed) to b friends”. I think the fact that one person was able to convince 4 people he never met to stop fighting in a game MADE for fighting is pretty awesome. Call it trolling or whatever you want, but it was one of the most fun matches I have ever played, and it was just a little inspiring.

I would put his IGN in here, but I don’t know if it counts as player shaming. I wouldn’t consider it shaming, but the mods may have other ideas.