One Kick Wonder (OKW) Looking for Casual/Competitve Players

Competitve Team One Kick Wonder (OKW) is actively looking for Players who are looking for competitve play of the highest level. We are recruiting for both our 3s and 5s teams with the possibility of a second team camp depending on how many competitive players we can round up.
You must be able to meet the following requirements to become apart of OKW:

  • Have the Android app, Discord.
  • Be 17+ years of age or older.
  • Be willing to expand to Heroes outside of your comfort zone.
  • Have Atleast Four to Five Heroes mastered.
  • We currently play on the NA Server.

All serious inquiries can be directed to, or my IGN is Nickeli16, I Will handle all questions or requests while in game. If you email me please title it, One Kick Wonder Tryout.

See you all in the Fold!!

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