Ok I'm actually mad

Hey remember when I posted that I was 1 elo away from VG? Well now I’m 16 elo away thanks to this ■■■■ Lyra. Throws because my ally ACCIDENTALLY last hits a Treant in the START OF THE ■■■■ MATCH, Lance has to last hit minions cause he sucks at doing that, and he THOUGHT Gwen was beating me when I only started losing when Fort and Ardan were able to afford camping in my ■■■■ lane. THIS GUY PRETTY MUCH ■■■■ MY CHANCES OF GETTING VG TONIGHT!!! And the worst part is we had some fights that made me see that we would have had a chance had Lyra kept playing like a normal human being. Smh I swear of all the times to get a troller it’s when I’m about to hit VG…o and he used racial slurs on me when I added him to confront this scumbag about his trolling

On another note it looks likely I may be a bot laner for Witch Doctor

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Fun but little known fact: Racists (by and large) suck at video games.

I’m beginning to think there may be a cognitive limitation involved, and under that premise, the correlation suddenly makes sense, too:

  1. suck at something (e.g. life)
  2. be unable to identify your own failure as cause for your shitty situation
  3. get very angry
  4. blame everyone else (but preferably “Jews”; if those are too difficult to identify with limited brain capicity, people of easily discernable colour will do)
  5. start spouting racist bullshit whenever 1-3 happens

Yesterday I had the (perfect 3) series:

  1. vs vg silver with toxic teammates
  2. WP kestrel top, poa silver in VG game and he constantly spammed “I need help!” and was toxic/trolling
  3. CP gwen mid and on top of that he trolled + got the all boots thing too + turret diving to die like 10 times + pings

Fun 1h of my life and - around 20 elo in VG. :slight_smile:

Yesterday I had that guy who soft locked CP Lyra top. I told him that’s bad don’t get it. My duo told him he’s gonna feed because he’s squishy and has bad clear. He waited the entire time and got get anyway. What happened? Exactly what he was told. He couldn’t clear his waves and got destroyed, spamming “I need help” the entire game. I just can’t understand those people. It’s not like he didn’t know. Well best thing was I faced him next game and he was again CP top Lyra. I got my revenge but how the hell are these people in VG. Last game literally proved him what we said and he didn’t change anything.

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I generally see some people tilted off the face off the Earth in under one mistake limit.

Had an Ardan yesterday that ping spammed an allied Anka because she failed to do her job, jumped in on full health enemies and no defence.

As for silly people being in Vainglorious Tier, they either got carried hard to that place or the account got boosted to that Tier.

To me, the very idea of rank means nothing. It doesn’t matter if:

  • A player has a high rank.
  • A player has a high level, OP Talent.
  • A skin signifying their capabilities (e.g. Contender Ardan).
  • A skin showing how long they have been playing (e.g. LE skins).

If one troll or rages excessively in game, they are not worth a lick of effort to carry nor do they deserve to be carried.

I consider pinging someone to buy defence or specific damage item a few items ok, but if it’s excessively.

I only ping buy X item twice or thrice. If that person doesn’t do anything, I’ll just stop. No point asking such things again.

Without overexerting, some people play a lot worse (mechanically, draft wise, rotations, game sense, i.e. every possible way) than me when I was t6. Just don’t f know how those people are so high. Most likely they played trioq and voice comms + carried, dunno otherwise.

That’s actually true. No match maker on release t4s match VG golds on both teams. None of them ever loses ANY elo because they are so far apart but one teams t4s gain massive amounts of elo for “defeating” VGs. This seems like a good source or major elo inflation if you ask me. I’ve seen people who can’t get hotness in 3v3 but are VG in 5v5.

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In 3vs3 I was poa heading towards VG and that meant something, really good players was there (sadly, a lot of the old players quit actually). Right now I am VG only via soloq and I see total noobs everywhere. While in 3vs3 even t7 had a good clue what’s going on… f it, in t6 there were ok players that can fill in stronger team.

Now - half of the VG players are either boosted or carried, 20% of the other players are vg “pro” smurfs and only around 30% are real VG players or atleast decent.

The elo system, the MM, all is broken currently.


Today I had a match that made me quit for the season.

I was Glaive, everyone was toxic from the start. My allies were tier 4 and 6 last season boosted cough cough cough and now tier 9…

A captain (Ardan) who refused to peel, refused to defend turret and was pre engaged in farming jungle without any offense. So very inefficient time wasting farm steal while our turret is under attack…

My team at full health runs away from enemy feeding the enemy team 1 by 1 refusing to engage or communicate causing me to suicide every time I try to fight. (Fights we would have won hands down if they actually engaged the enemy)

Refusal to attack enemy objectives or enemies in general… Those people are worse than trolls…

If only matches like these were the exception. Instead they are the rule…

I just hate that despite playing very well with my team mates (Legit we are way on top of our rotations it’s insane how well we played together) this one fucker is the person that screws over my vg status. Uuuugh throwers are the lowest tier of scum in this game

Losing because of that 1 (or 2) guy on your team? Something like my favorite Reza game from yesterday then I guess.

This can’t be carried. I can understand why I lose elo from that as I can’t get forgiveness for it but there’s another thing I wonder. How do you get to VG by building TB Pulseweave Skye and some carry Tony build.

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