Official VG Concept Art by Michelle Hardy

The concept art i would love to see in skins or anything in the future:

My Comments: Why didnt they use the purple hair ;-; hopefully its used in future skins

Summer Party Bf-
My Comments: The tattoos would make him look badass, too bad they didnt use it.

Samurai Krul

DireWolf Fortress-
My Comments: I wish they had variants too the plushie on his back >_>

Evolution Samuel

All pictures are found on Michelle Hardys Artstation Portfolio


First photo gives off “Ghost in the Shell” vibes and i love it and Anka keeps give me the feels of a Xayah copy with the ears in the early art :thinking:

Forgot Rainbow Skaarf woops


Ugh. That BF skin. Ugh. I’m so moist.


omg blackfeather crotch :flushed:

and samual looks so good in that art


Yea if she had that hair on her frost Anka skin it looks cool

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Really wish they would have went with the tattoo summer part Black feather looks cooler imo.


The clothes of vg are so interesting and great when in detail, the back of sams jacket is so nice

What’s Michelle’s IGN, anyone know?

I utterly love her art. I’m worrying that they’ll let her go also …

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Michelle Twitter

I wished she had her dms open, ao i could ask for the Assassin Drenchcoat version of Anka and tattoo BF made into a skin

IGN = Noxii

Thanks, thought that was it, but wasn’t sure.

It’s incredible to see the detail that goes into these concepts, and we don’t even get to see much from our in-game angle. :pensive:

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Agreed. I wish there were more ways to appreciate the work of the artists – I’d love to see something like this be made available for our favorite VG hero(es):

[Katerina from League]


In this old MMORPG AQworlds, they sold IRL merch (like plushies, shirts, and calendars) that came with in-game exclusive items. I would totally support a similar system with VG, but it’s probably unlikely.


That game still alive boy don’t call it old.

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I’m getting that Fortress skin tattooed to me. Quote me in a year to remind me if I haven’t already.

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I feel like I haven’t seen you in a year, how’s that ?

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I don’t come on much anymore, I have nothing of value to add into any conversations regarding the game since I stopped playing it, and after a few particular instances my desire to participate has substantially decreased.

I hope you find a reason to play again soon, as I miss reading your replies.

At the least, have a wonderful day :heart: