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Official Rainbow Glaive and VG hero's Head Studies



Anka without her hood looks so beautiful :heart_eyes:
Moar Head Studies

Moar Rainbow Glaive Concept


Man, VG’s artists sure know how to draw good looking folks. :blush:


One thing I’ll never criticize about VG is their art department – all of their artists, 3d modelers, and animators are simply brilliant.


Gay pride glaive. We stan

30 chars


They still need to re-do Glaive’s splash art. The 3d axe doesn’t mesh well at all

Tbh tho it would be a pretty good meme to make all of Glaive’s splash art axes have poor 3d models in it lul


I’m gonna hit up SEMC and see if they would make my marriage to Anka canon.

If that doesn’t work out, I’ll just go with Lyra. :man_shrugging:


Why doesn’t the in game splash art faces look as good as these art pieces?


I don’t think @TadashiN would allow that lels…


Yep… will crash and stop the wedding


Honestly me :joy: This text will be blurred


Honestly I don’t really care, till the time my girl Gwen is available.


You both are neglecting the beauty that is Cath, Cath is love Cath is life
I want her but she’s too good for my filth


you all are forgetting the T H I C C of grumpjaw


Firstly, the in game splash arts are not portraits, which means they aren’t composed to reveal facial features.

Second, at least in the case of Anka, they do look this good, the face just isn’t as clearly lit or shown because again, that’s not the focus. This is just a piece to work out her facial features for reference when making her in game model and final splash.


I’m not picky. I’ll go with Malene or Reza : D