O hecc I did it

I finally made it to POA gold my doods. After lots of struggles and getting literally one elo away from gold. I swear SEMC does this on purpose I have finally made it…now to VG bronze…



How was the climb? Who did you use most? What triggered you? What made you happy?

Grace is bae, Alpha and Tako mostly triggered me cus they op, I was happy that I did not go into a 10 loss streak after being 1 elo away from gold kek

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O and the climb was long cause of 5v5 and some breaks every now and then mixed in with my losses along the way

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Nice. Good luck on your climb to Vainglorious!

I just hit Hotness a few days ago… So I have a long way to go. And yeah, 5v5 takes up most of my time. Not many ranked games these days.

Congratulations!!! That’s awesome! Did you do it soloQ??

I let my VST decay from T6 down to T4 a couple seasons ago (when I was doing more programming than playing), and I got frustrated so quit ranking. Now the people I used to play with are all T7, so I can’t even rank with them to get back up.

I need to find my motivation again.

I did some duoq or even tripleq, but mostly soloq

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unfortunately i did. Now i m stuck in SA with trolls :slight_smile:

Rip sorry to hear about that :sad:

This happens to me more often than I’d care to admit. 100% convinced this is the case.