Notification Won't Go Away

I absolutely detest notifications. I check every email and send it to its correct folder, I mark every text or message as read or answer immediately, I look at every unread and new thread in the forum, I have the cleanest home screen on all of my devices, and with Vainglory I go through every little green, gold, and grey notifying number before I play a game.

However, with the recent update this notification won’t go away. I also noticed the same thing was happening with talents when they were first introduced - I had to go and look at every one ( before SEMC added the talents tab and now I can just scroll ).

Now, I must admit if it was done on purpose, that constant notification is a very small but effective marketing technique. It reminds me of the chests I don’t have keys for every time I see it and for people like me, I may be driven crazy enough to buy the keys to get rid of it. Likewise, I was constantly reminded of all the legendary talents I don’t have ( 30 by the way, including Vox who I have lvl 12 rare with 1000+ coins to spare ). However, if it wasn’t a marketing technique, for the love of Gythia fix it or I may lose it.

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Am I the only one bothered by this ?



j/k, that crap bugs me too

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I feel your pain.

Even when I am trying to save keys for a new patch I slowly start to go crazy seeing the uncleared notifications. :confused:

Thing is the notifications aren’t for if you have an unlockable chest. Its for when you have a chest :confused:

I was refering to rare and epic chests there.

This is nothing. Try turning off chat and notifications in the settings. you’ll still get them. annoying AF.