North The Cold Embrace

Lore: None cause lol

(Passive)Frost Phantom:when proc raises Damage and lowers Cool down on abilities and slows north by 25%
While active any damage dealt grants fortified hp up to a Cap of 40% of hp

A (Frost Spear) Launches Ice spear at enemy slowing them by 35% When (Permafrost is active this ability become’s aoe hiting any target near initial target) Cp Ratio 70% ( 170% whiLe passive actively)

B (Permafrost) Creates Wide Icy area around hero {Wider then Samuels B drastically I don’t know how wide his b is just lets say it’s slightly less wide then adagio ult} Any enemy caught in this area for my than 3 sec is rooted for 2 sec also by default is slowed by 25% (cp ratio 30%…60% when passive active)

Ult(Cold Embrace) when active Frost spear stuns for 1 sec (Permafrost) Slow increase by 15% root time is increased by 0.4sec north also gets slowed by 10% this ability is active for 10 seconds

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