Nondescript Winter Holiday Gift Exchange

I’m trying to gauge interest in a Secret Santa gift exchange here on the forum. I got inspired by some pics I saw posted on Twitter of the gifts folks received via the Reddit exchange.

I’d propose the following:

  1. participants enter by joining a new Secret Santa group
  2. once the signup period closes, participants are matched via the Secret Santa Organizer site
  3. once a participant receives their gift, the person who sent it gets awarded a special badge


  1. the recommended gift value is ≤ $20 US, but that’s just a rough guide
  2. the site above allows for wish lists, but #4 still applies
  3. all of this is done anonymously, ofc, with only the group membership & badge showing who’s participating (but not who’s matched with whom)

What do you all think? Please vote on the idea (it’s anonymous), and please add your comments below!

What’s your level of interest in a forum Secret Santa/Gift Exchange?

  • I’m in!
  • I’d consider participating
  • I’m not interested

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* yes, the title of this post is a RWBY Chibi reference

~ 350 user visits last week, 88 views of this topic, only 12 voters, and only 8 of those interested at all in this idea.

Sadly, that’s not enough to make this likely to succeed. :confused:

Even though we won’t be doing a gift exchange here on the forum, please consider giving someone you care about a gift this holiday season. Not only will you make someone happy by doing so, it’s also been proven that giving a gift increases YOUR OWN happiness as well.