No event this weekend?

Is there not going to be an event this weekend?? Nothing is showing up for me … I was figuring on making it to sunlight level 100 this weekend …

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Let’s just hope they’re late on it, I was relying on this weeks event to get the free 5 levels last minute as well


Yeah, they were late on it, it’s up now. It’s not another one for all, so that’s nice


I have already completed the Battle Pass just three days ago. :v

Well, guess I’ll just play like normal.

Heh, it’s a nice game mode.

Less hectic and tedious than ARAL cause a team can push much more and do more with more members.

Plus, no Talents which is always gonna be a plus with people.

My first ARAM match. Our Vox AFK’ed after we lost just one team fight (typical) but our team was able to preserve through and win.

Also, carry Flicker is good when you get the right angle for attacking and poking.

I wonder how the heck I got to level 12 first and everyone else didn’t, lol.

Done! Woo! :partying_face:


b00st me or n0 b4llz :smirk_cat: :sunglasses:

is the season changing in 4 ddays because i still have 20+ levels to go :sweat:

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It still says “1 month remaining” in the season …

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Lucky for you, no.

The Battle Pass will still be the same in 4.0.

My reasoning for this are:

  • The timer for the Battle Pass still has a month left. Patch 4.0 is due to drop less than 5 days.

  • There are no triple recolour skin present for the Battle Pass to have.


Agreed. This one’s pretty fun – much better than One for All, that’s for sure. I still find the insanity of Rumble to be the most fun of all these “experimental” game modes – I have a feeling that’s all I’ll be playing in 4.0+


I agree.

If I were to rate the game modes they experimented on so far:

(Rumble = ARAM) > OFA.

I would certainly be playing Rumble more once 4.0 drops.

My hopes is that they’ll fix the Quests Chests alongside the new update. Preferably not force players to play specific game modes.

My ARAM games today have been enjoyable, even when we lose fair and square (I don’t count AFKs as fair and square, though I only loss one due to AFK so far).

All ended around the 10 minute mark or slightly less.

Had an ARAM match just now where my team wanted to rub it in cause we dominated. I had to solo the Vain as a Lorelai with only Clockwork to give me any semblence of damage, lol.

I get that they feel joy in doing so, but oh please; if I didn’t take the Vain, we would have been on the losing end.

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Nice, I am on level 93 currently after this event. Guess next week I will hit level 100 too.

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I’m quite of concerned, too. :frowning:

I wish they show the timer in at least days like way back some patches before. I remember even minutes and seconds were detailed. At least, people will have the idea as to how much more grinding they need to do if one wants to complete the battle pass.

Is there any source where we can search for the actual countdown?

I actually have two accounts, a main and a smurf, and I have battle passes on both. They are both at around 76ish. Will I make it to 100? :crossed_fingers:

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I’m glad you brought this up, because it’s been really pissing me off. It’s incredibly STUPID to do a countdown timer the way they’ve done it – to put it mildly, it’s inaccurate; to put it bluntly, it’s intentionally misleading.

I really don’t understand SEMC’s ridiculous approach to keeping their customers/players/fans uninformed about wtf is going on. It’s like they guard even the most basic information like it’s kind of valuable corporate secret. This is just another example of pointless obfuscation of information that should be plainly available to anyone.

@HipsterSkaarf – this really needs to be brought to the attention of someone at SEMC so it doesn’t show up the same way in future patches.

Grrrr. :rage:

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Like one day, it read “2 months remaining” then the next day it says “1 month remaining”. Whew! Time flies so fast, omg! :rofl:

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Is that true though? I feel like it’s said 1 month for a while now, and then today it switched to 4 weeks… I’ll pass along the concern though, for sure.


The problem is that the moment there were less than 2 months left, it said “1 month left” in the season (i.e., when there were 7 weeks and 6 days remaining, it said “1 month”) – that’s just dumb design.

A proper countdown timer would show “7 weeks, 6 days, 23 hours” remaining or whatever …

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Can’t disagree too much there. A proper countdown is better for letting players plan their gaming schedules, which I’m all for.

Just to raise a point, I do like that this battlepass is less about grinding, and more about regular events and sustained play over the weeks and months. So, to that end, making an ambiguous timer kind of fits the design objective. If you make the timer too specific, you tell players that they have X amount of time, and so long as they budget, say, 57 hours or whatever, they can grind what they need, and check out the rest of the season. So keeping the timer unspecific is a way to dissuade players from gaming the system too much and instead encourages them to check in for the regular events and bonuses. There’s probably some behavioral psychological study on how we perceive different countdown granularities and how that might influence our actions re: deadlines… has SEMC done that research? LOL I doubt it. But I’m just spitballing, and it’s something to think about.

I’ll defo pass along the request though.