No devic to play on. Now switched to pc

I just acquired a Windows pc after the mac died a while back.

Couldn’t play well with joysticks on my phone but the mouse and keyboard controls are actually very decent.

I don’t see many downsides to playing on pc.

Are there any?

I can’t use the joystick in VG, touch mode is much better. I also still prefer the touchscreen to a mouse and keyboard, but that’s personal preference, I’m very slow with M+K, it just feels disconnected if I’m moving a thing around on a mat and clicking rather than actually tapping where I want to move on the screen.

There are a couple of folks who play on PC here, though my brain can’t remember exactly who they are at the moment – perhaps they’ll comment if they see this thread. If you’re going to play on PC regularly, maybe we can look forward to your perspective on playing on that platform? That’d be great!

Like @MacAulay, I’ve tried PC and I can’t play at nearly the level I play on my iPad – I just can’t get comfortable with the M+K as they have them set up. (They need to allow you to remap the mouse as well as the keyboard, as none of the options they provide work well for me.)

And btw, welcome back! :sunglasses:

Well just won my first ranked 5v5 after a 3 hero hiatus on new controls if that counts for anything lol.

There are nice control options.
Attack closest hero is on your other mouse button etc… Kiting shouldn’t be an issue.

In-game the game looks great. The out of game looks bad on pc though…


Won 2/3 and deinstalled. Not because of the game but because of the players. Toxicity is worse than ever before thanks to chatbox…

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You can block the chat. 303030

i have started using that lazy attack button they got in PC version. does help me out greatly since my mouse precision sucks, feel like i am doing decent and slowly getting used to it.
still dont know how can u play Lance on PC.

You can disable the chat all together, or set it to only work with players with great karma.

Mages are fantastic to play on PC as well as reactive heroes such as San Feng or Malene due to the precision keyboards have over the tiny icons on the touch screen (Also Sam is WAY more deadly on PC due to auto activating abilities on the key press instead of a two step process with a high margin of error on touch). The main disadvantage pc has is stutter stepping, so heroes like Ringo and Adagio are FAR stronger on mobile, but bursty carries shiuld still be fine

From what ive heard stutter stepping is broken easy in PC.

Actually might have to bind some keys cause I might make auto attacking on space bar since that is easier for me than pressing A which is pretty inconvinient