Nivglory when Megathread

Vainglory Community Edition 3v3 balanced and tuned by the almighty @Nivmett. Imagine a 2.7 (Before halcyon potions removal) or 2.12 (2017 worlds patch) state of meta, with additional tuning if needed. Maybe even with the addition of the newer 3v3 compatible heroes.

For the record, I WILL support and host a SEA (Singapore) server if Nivglory happens, together with regular community tournaments in the server. Now we just need to peer pressure @Nivmett in making it happen even though he’s not obligated in any way to do so.

Nivglory When @Nivmett


Remember you won’t be able to bring back potions or any items within the current roadmap. You will only be able to adjust number which can be changed server side. While 2.7-8 were awesome, it seems unrealistic to try and reclaim that vs establishing a new 3v3 dichotomy with the content that can actually exist.

We can probably ask for such things like bringing back said items after the last stage.

I would love that, but knowing SEMC I just… I think even their current schedule is pretty aggressive. They have the best intentions don’t get me wrong. There is no cynical reason to do this, it’s just because they love the game, but I would not put too much stock in anything beyond stage 5, or even reaching that in a couple months.

Like now they are actively developing another game, this from my understanding is mostly being done off hours as side product.


Ok, enough @mentions — if Nivmett wants to respond, he will.