Nintendo 3DS Emulator

My PC had trouble running Citra, claimed by many the best 3ds emu you could get your hands on. The ware’s fairly new (built last January) and haven’t run into any major problems since. I’m looking for a decent alternatives, if anyone would recommend any.

As far as 3ds emulators go, it’s no wonder Citra is the only one that has some kind of relevancy.
What’s your hardware? You can always try to tweak the config, but you’ll need something better than a toaster for emulation.

My ware’s decent, I think. Running on Win 10, i5, GT 1030 GDDR5, and eight gigs of RAM. My copy of Windows is pirated, if it’s an issue.
I searched for alternatives, all of them were too convoluted to operate for pleb like me.