Nilah - The Joy Unbound

Reveal of the promised “non-traditional bot laner” tomorrow!

Nilah Abilities Leaked

Nilah Abilities

Passive – Iridiscent Inertia

Nilah has a very low attack speed scaling (.3). However, it increases upon hitting an enemy up to six times. If Nilah gains additional attack speed beyond the cap, it is converted to on-hit damage.

Q – Nacre Slash

Active : This ability allows Nilah to dash onto a target and empower her next attack in the process. This empowerment enables Nilah to hit a target twice and creates an arc-shaped attack centered on her target, damaging nearby enemies. The second strike of Nilah’s empowered double-hit marks all nearby enemies and then damages them after a brief delay. The damage number of the second hit depends on the number of targets that have been marked.

Passive : Whenever Nilah casts an ability, her subsequent three attacks will deal bonus damage. The third attack will deal double damage and will refund 50% of her Q’s cooldown.

W – Tide Bubble

Nilah can throw a water orb in any target direction. Upon hitting a champion or terrain, this water orb will explode, which in turn will damage and slow down nearby enemies. However, this explosion also creates a kind of mist that extends around all-terrain and champions who have been hit.

The effect lasts 10 seconds, but it will dissipate around four seconds after an allied champion enters the bounds. Champions will be unable to use auto attacks inside this mist.

E – Reluctant Friendship

Nilah uses her whip and extends her towards the target direction. Once this whip hits an enemy, it tethers them with Nilah for four seconds. The whip will break beyond the distance of 1000 units.

Recast 1: Nilah can extend her whip and allow it to move in another target’s direction. This whip can once again hit another target or terrain and create a second tether. Once that happens, Nilah will be granted a second recast.

Recast 2: If Nilah taps E, then the tethered targets are pulled into each other. If the targets are champions, then they get stunned upon collision. When the targets strike, it will also damage and slow them down. However, if Nilah holds E, she will also get drawn into the location of the targets.

R – Promise of the Ocean

Nilah creates a circular-shaped elastic arena that lasts seven seconds or until she remains inside. Nilah will attack anyone inside the arena irrespective of her range. Enemies who try to escape it will be pushed inside the arena. The walls of this arena will act as terrain that Nilah can use to land her W and E abilities. She also gains bonus movement speed and ignores collisions as long as she is inside this arena.