Nice people do exist

I was queing in ranked and got to draft. Obviously, everybody was reluctant to roam, so yours truly had to take that responsibility upon himself. The comp we ended up getting wasn’t bad at all. But oh well, this isn’t about this. So we get into the game and… gg, our laner disappears. Scoreboard only shows 2 players and Blackfeather is nowhere to be seen on the map. Never will be.
At first I was expecting the jungler to panic and give up, which thankfully didn’t happen.
We were doing pretty well for a 2v3, taking a couple of aces and a kraken, and match went on for another 20 mins. But well, it was a 2v3 after all. We lost all our turrets and the enemy jungle duo was going to destroy our crystal, when we got to them it was just at 20% of its total HP, we barely killed them in time. All their Baron had to do was ult the crystal and they would’ve won. Surprisingly enough, instead of that, I saw a small box appear in the bottom right of the screen, “enemy has surrendered”. I sadly never got to add anybody in that match, but if I had to make a guess why they surrendered it would be because of the fact that we had been holding out really good for a 2v3, in which case they surrendered because they thought we deserved the win… or they were just salty.


Oh wow, you don’t see that sort of thing often. Who knows, they may have not felt salty per-se by surrendering, they also could simply have felt that they were going to lose? Either way, if they did surrender because they wanted to hand the match to you two, that’s pretty noble of those players. Grats on the victory.

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Similar is happening in 5v5… but for reasons unknown… it could possibly just be going on for too long… the point of surrender din’t feel like either side was winning by a large margin.

I did encounter many Rage Pingers … but i just ignored them. I don’t think it’s related. So far only 2 games ended by way of surrender… one was a clear victory… the other was just a mystery.

But in your case I believe you. I have seen only one case in high tiers where they mysteriously surrendered dispite could’ve won easily. it is quite rare though. it happens when you’re up against a guild or team.

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