News section

Am I the only one who misses the news on the front page? Now when I login I don’t seem to have any interest of reading it when I always did before.


Yeah… Stormqueen being there all the time is meh.

Off with the queen like 5 sec after you open VG and then roll the news? HeLL yea!

You’re not the only one. I really like having a full splash art on display (because they’re gorgeous), but I’d also like some kind of news scroller in view too. Even if I didn’t click through and read the article, it was a nice alert that something was happening in the VG community, from skin releases to tournament announcements to LAN parties or whatever else.

I always thought that @Xhaos’s solution was pretty elegant:

from this thread (


Soooooooo much more elegant …


And nu. Stop reminding me that I don’t have Champions fate Bf blueprint. THEY RUSHED THE UPDATE(I’m saying this coz the golden ticket timer in home screen still had a day on it when we got the update) Partly my fault for waiting till last moment to craft 33%.

But still a dick move, SEMC. :angry: