Newer Hero Voicelines are BORING

Since sugar venom quit, all we really know about the new heroes that come out comes from their voicelines. Good examples of heroes that are insteresting enough without lore would be Magnus and his love for chocolate, or sang feng denying being fat and that being thicc is part of his fighting style, or the new hero Miho who is pretty much a furry whose voicelines literally resemble an average otaku. So far these guys have left a really good impression without their lore and, even if the lore that SEMC brings for them isn’t nearly as good as the one sugarvenom wrote, I would still like these characters regardless.

Now let’s focus on the less inspired characters. More specifically, The Ronald McDonald anime-haired sniper. Caine voicelines do not really feel like they have some degree of depth and are just there to not make his gameplay feel bland and boring. I must admit though, the self awareness from SEMC with this hero is impressive. He jokes about his early clown design and he even makes a reference to mafia city, but the player doesn’t know much about him from all of his voicelines.

Look at anka. What’s special about her, besides being the most meta Assassin? Her og splash art is a little too generic for my taste, her voicelines, though a little funny, just like Ronald McDonalds, do not feel inspired. They don’t tell you anything about her besides her being an Assassin and they are there to fill space.

Warkhawk is so far the hero with the voicelines I despise the most. You can tell caine is a hitman because of his design and because of his lines. You can tell Yates is some sort of captain or leader because of his incredible amounts of confidence. Now, what IS Warhawk? Yes, I know he and flicks are from the same species, but what else do we know about the smol rocketeer? All he ever talks about is how destructive he is. His gameplay may be lots of fun, but with voicelines as bland as his he eventually gets boring to watch.

I think SEMC should give hints through voicelines about the heroes background while they find someone good enough to start writing lore again. Heroes that have uninspired voicelines, even if they are fun to play, they do not feel like they are part of the game and that they were just thrown into the world of VG. Maybe I’m nick picking too much since there are players who absolutely love these heroes regardless, so what do you guys think?


I think you miss understand why she doesn’t work there anymore. Writing lore didn’t really contribute to the profitability of the game, so I’m guessing the position will be vacant indefinitely.

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Another uninspired bundle of voicelines comes from Leo. All he every talks about is his B I G S W O R D and I guess building stuff

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FYI, Sarah did not quit her job at SEMC.

If you’re waiting for more lore from SEMC, you’re going to have a long wait. See @coltonJW’s reply above.

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One more FYI, San feng is the last hero whose voiceover lines she wrote.

This is the source, btw:

I wonder if he’s compensating for something…


anka has a little bit of lore :eyes:
she is Grace’s daughter

Where? Or in her voice lines? :thinking:

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What? Where? How? Who? Who knocked grace?

Pretty sure anka is 4th stormguard…

When sugarvenom left, this game became gray and white for me… The lore and the emotional impact / connections you made with characters gave a whole new meaning to our experience. At least that’s how i see it. Won’t ever forgive SEMC for that


I think she mentions her as a daughter more as a priest or divine figure (Like Grace :wink:) would call their followers his or her sons or daughters. Similar to how nuns call each other sisters


i think there could be a chance of that but i think (hope?) it is not the case for two reasons:

  1. in my experience a holy Mother is more likely to call their young (followers?) child instead of Daughter (alhtough maybe the capitals point to it indeed being a title)
    and 2. Anka’s name is Herbrew for ‘Grace’ which could point to a deeper connection between the two.

part 5 of this @cha0z @TadashiN

anka is definitely not the 4th stormguard. Amie’s magic is described as explosions and weavings things such as phoenixes out of energy. Amie also does not wield blades and would not of been trained to use them (from catherine’s training lore we know that members of the stormguard were given access to only 1 weapon each)

another thing is that in Alpha’s voicelines she talks about a cornfield (if i remember right) which has been theorised to be where Amie is hiding, although i think maybe Frankie in Grumpjaws lore was going to do something to help her? it has been a while


Thank you for reigniting my curiosity of what happened to the open ends or threads of the lore and me wanting SV to come back.

Now I shall suffer again until I get over it which is like 3 months

Kidding of course

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