New Year = New Look!

With the demise of Vainglory, it’s been clear for some time that we need to undertake an overhaul of the forum. A few months back, I started that process by moving and archiving old, obsolete topics and categories. I also started reorganizing the forum to broaden our focus to other games and subjects – which games and subjects will be up to you all!

The new year also brings a new look to the place! Our old forum theme was showing its age, having been abandoned by its developer. While I could continue to patch things up to fix the various incompatibilities that appeared with each new version of the forum software, it seemed better to change over to a newer, actively supported theme.

I hope you like the new look! If you notice anything that seems odd in appearance or which doesn’t work as you expect, please let me know! We had customized the old theme pretty extensively, and I’ve only tweaked a few things in the new one so far. :construction_worker_man:


Um could the mobile version of this site have bigger font? Idk if that’s possible to change but I’ve noticed text of comments/posts seems smaller and more harder to read now that it’s more bunched

Edit: Nvm found font settings, all good

Aside that it’s looks good so far for first impressions, is the forum name gonna stay the same if the forums are getting an overhaul?

I can tweak font sizes for the mobile version – but they look ok to me on my iPhone … maybe refresh/clear your browser cache to make sure all the new CSS is loaded?

EDIT: They might indeed be a little small. I’ll try tweaking the size when I get to my PC.

Is all good now, I found a font size setting in interface settings and went for large

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What are you talking about ? What’s wrong with Very Good Forums ??


I was thinking we could reply “Video Gaming Forums” if anyone asked :wink:


Definitely didn’t think about that but that does work, the forums are just called vg so yea “very good” or “video gaming“ works lol


TBH I feel that something more targeted will fit better. So many general forums are out there that noone will notice a smaller one. I still feel WR forum would attract more people and it’s kinda natural, most of you can’t play the game, but it’s really close in philosophy/gameplay to VG. It’s not ML, it’s basically PC league and VG 5vs5 targeted that feel with clear roles, early/mid/late game, objectives and so on. ML is hyper carry ftw, no really jungle role, not that good support role, phases - no early game really, fight from the start and so on.

Dunno tho, something with VG initials will be easier to rename to. So there is that. Overall I like the new theme, it’s really close to the old one and better imho.