New sunlight rewards

Though the new level up rewards seem very Medicore I must say I am very much pleased with the sunlight rewards post lvl 40. I have gotten a lot of essence and epic talents.

Now I received this:

Which is a rather good reward and one of my favourite design talents. This would be a great switch chance between regular damage or aoe heal.


Yay sunlight rewards

Lvl 50 is a fixed reward and the least interesting

No, its not fixed. My guildmate got a rare key, 1x taka legendary talent and 400 essence from the lv 50 chest. Well it doesnt matter for me because i got to lv 50 before 3.0 and all i got was a rare key :disappointed_relieved:


Got Krul Leg from lv 49 sunlight

Was it a talent, skin, or blueprint?

I got Phinn’s legendary talent from 49 :slight_smile:

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An awesome talent to have. Raid boss is so so strong.