New skins teaser!

The leaks were true obviously.


Well, Rona’s tier 3 legendary skin makes her look like a clown already, so might as well add another clown character.

All snarky comments aside, putting an actual clown in-game might be the move that makes me leave Vainglory.


I was hopping for the character bozo the crying clown

Goodness gracious, Lord have mercy. :vgcheersx2:

All the leaks from old forums never proven wrong, only tribal taka skin and ozo with stick skin haven’t released yet so far

its clown Churnwalker

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Fk its a Churnwalker skin

I actually like her legendary skin.
Still not a flawless female specimen. Still damaged and abrasive but more recognizably female. Her T3 legendary is one of the worst skins in the game. Her original T3 that is…

I really really really hate fully painted clowns. The traditional clown has more horror and depression associations than happiness.

It is this horror element they are bringing into the game. A sick and twisted mindset. It will be the scariest skin in the game…

So is it going to be a rare since churn barely has any effects?