New players who came from brawl modes

I see a lot of captains who play 3v3 like they are in a brawl mode. 10 min fountain because they need offense. Ardan sitting in a bush to BFB and enemy as if he has his epic talent.

Catherine going all out on cd forsaking fountain and crucible for more cd…

People buying contraption and no idea what to do with it…

List goes on and on. Also they don’t have a last season rank…

How on Earth can we communicate with them to get a decent build on them…

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The best idea is to either add them after the match and nicely recommend they come here for tips, or make some guides that can get featured in-game! :slight_smile:

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flood them with links of how to play this game.

Downvote them for trolling so that they go away. They’re a lost cause now.

But they’re not trolling, they’re just playing poorly. It’s better to save your downvotes for people who are intentionally losing, or spamming rude pings.

It sucks sometimes, but the best thing to do is be patient with other people, and either help them directly with kind suggestions after the match, or indirectly with good guides and advice for the community at-large.


The sad thing is this is caused by brawl modes.
Mechanically adapt players who get access to ranked play and don’t have a clue. They think Ardan is a tank bruiser and don’t understand his support side.

No way of communicating in game makes it nigh impossible to turn that around. Even though they are way better than the people minespamming base who don’t get banned ever.

Today I had the same player minespammer one match after another.

I look at his history and he has done that all day. Just go to base and spam mines for at least 3 minutes per match…

I won the second match by hard carrying 1v3 with Koshka but people like that should not be allowed to rank ever…

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Did you report that player? Please do, if you haven’t yet! SEMC keeps records and if reports stack up, players do get punished, but a lot of people don’t bother reporting.

Hmm… I started this game when there was no brawl modes. It seemed then the same problems were there not “as bad” but… Yeah just happens. Also you have to include many reasons for gear fail. Either lack of knowledge or just experimenting. I do it but only on brawl modes. Reporting people is a cancer and I only press afk for the forgiveness when it happens.

Best to downvote them for trolling/grieving

Again, no. This isn’t trolling, it’s just playing poorly. And you should save your downvotes for when people are actually losing on purpose, not just playing a build/strategy that isn’t super effective.

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Wouldn’t downvoting for unskilled play fit here?

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Thanks I hadn’t found that link yet and they dropped their suport email address I used to use.

Listed my LPQ=ban from ranked suggestion again begging them to use common sense…

Selling equipment being worse than the glaive for real, getting that same player next match is hell.

Match after that one I showed him, muted the toxic spammer and picked Koshka.

Downvoting unskilled doesn’t do anything when it really should

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This is true. It’s an example of what I call “dishonest” UX design – an element which misleads the user.

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poor play is not trolling
let’s stick with original troll definition. if it’s not intentional, then it’s not trolling

5vs5 is very rough right now.

Ive played 3 matches all with abysmal results because of the lack of experience with triple lane mechanics.

All games had everyone going YOLO in one lane, or just scattered and disorganized, no pairing etc… I played support in all as a fill. Its impossible to make a difference as support if this occurs, im no expert but id like to think my mechanics are ok.

Its literally like trying to herd chickens, i have players running away into enemy territory when all they needed to do was come 1cm closer to me for a safety vanguard as an example.

Ive got players taking my fountain as a sign they need to run straight back into battle rather than using it to escape and recover a regroup a bit.

The newer and inexperienced player base just need a bit more time. I use the rating to hopefully avoid matching with them in future (at least thats what i think it does).

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5v5 is ridiculous, if your half way decent and have the jungler you can carry the entire match.

I’ve stopped playing, prefer to play a broken 3v3 than have to play with tiers 1-6. They’re either trolling or wandering around the map like or theyre out for a Sunday afternoon stroll

3v3 is worse for me. I can play a lot today if you want to duo 3v3.

no vote does that at the moment