New Moba - Extraordinary Ones - First Impressions

What you guys think?

Looks very generic, at least as far as gameplay. Same setup as AOV in terms of gameplay. I do like the art-style, though I am not sure about… balloons? as bushes. That could maybe be implemented better visually.

I would need know more details but I see nothing that really stands out besides artstyle.


Tbh it looks pretty shitty to me from Xenotek gameplays especially those balloons & shop from anywhere.

i completely agree with it being very “generic”

it seems like all they did was take a proven programmable game platform and put their own artistic spin on it, much like many other mobile moba’s

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Ive been playing it for a week or two now and while it looks generic, Netease actually tried to make it more unique than what VG, AoV, and ML did.

The objectives are completely new compared to classic two boss pits in the middle river. And alot of the heros kits are somewhat unique compared to AoV and ML. Thats also another reason why I started to play. The devs really did try to be unique and not copy other already existing hero kits.

Problems are that:
• There are bots, probably because the playerbase needed something to kickstart short queue but as of rn, they should take them out now since there’s enough players.

• Next is balance, some hero ultimates can one shot you (though they are easy to dodge), so the balance team needs to step up their game.

Some fun things though:
• Skins and content. Like AoV and ML, ExO has enough content whether its from the BP or free obtainable skins. Something VG still failed to do/keep.

• As stated before, new map objectives means newer strategies to learn.

Like I heard someone write before, the game is like a breath of fresh air to the moba genre. There’s enough differences from ExO to keep it different from the current mobas. One being the anime artstyle that I liked


pretty much the reason i downloaded and tried it, being a big Anime fan myself.

A more general observation. The guy himself mentions that he’s a bit bored with MOBAs. Yet, even just listening to the video (first time through I was distracted by Leb Jr, so kind of just listened) - it sounded like he was having a lot of fun playing the game. Some “woos!” and laughter. Not a bad thing.


So I actually found time to game for a quick second today. I tried ExO out. Honestly, it was pretty fun. I will say, going from VG which has no UI, to this, was overwhelming. IMO, there is way too much going on.

I’m a simple man. While VG certainly needs some TLC, I’m ultimately here to play a game and compete!

I was going to post some screen shots, but honestly, there’d be too many.

There is gold, spring gold, another type of currecny, and gems.

There’s a bunch of items you get as “rewards” … stuff like: exam books (it’s a campus/school theme, which is kind of fun!), back to school chests, hero trial chest, pencils, gacha coins, gacha coupons, clappers, fan club trial cards, Balloons, and more.

There’s a handbook page where you can complete missions, and there are like 20+ missions, all giving you very random rewards. You constantly have :exclamation: notification markers around your main screen for things to collect/look at/read.

For a first-day impression, like I said, it feels like way too much and is overwhelming.

Social Scene: it seems this game is really taking a community-based approached. I think you can have followers and fans? It’s very easy to send and receive invites from complete strangers, whom the game feels you can pair well with. Seems neat, but right now, I don’t have the time to really look into it.

TLDR: Gameplay itself is fun. UI is literally the extreme opposite end of the spectrum as VG.



for me, i found it simple and fun. it’s a refreshing change. how long that feeling will last ? time will tell…