New menu UI thoughts and suggestions

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The current UI is good if the buttons were actually responsive and the profile page is properly scaled.

For quests, the rewards should automatically be collected once you finish them so you dont have to check them after every match. Also, there should be a number notification bubble on the calandar icon whenever new quests appear so you dont forget that quests exist.

The party tab should be merged into the home tab. So instead of just a play button in the home screen, there are 2 buttons. Play and party. The chat in the party should be moved to the social tab together with the team chat, guild chat, and private chat. Having the party chat in the party screen is bad, especially since the space allocated for chat now is smaller. The in game notifications cover up the ENTIRE invite and chat buttons and the whole menu.

And speaking of notifications, please make them take up less space. I have to turn off in game notifications and get into a party whenever i get online so my whole right screen wont get covered by notifications.

Opals and essence should also be on the home screen. Currently the only way you can see how much essence you have is to try to craft a skin. If you have all the skins there is actually no way you can see how much essence you have.

And lastly, alphabetical scroll wheel for friends list pls.

Feel free to make a UI concept incorporating these if you want @Xhaos @Tiem @Ayoki (please do actually), and SMEC add them into the game pls.


I can see your logic in moving all chats to one group and teasing it out of the actual party screen. I think it would be more organized but I also see the value in keeping them together. Lots of times, especially in scrimmages and big parties (10 players and spectators now with 5v5), it’s actually easier for the party leader to manage if they are on the same screen. I think SEMC will likely adjust the scaling of each sub group as I agree with you, the space is a bit lop-sided, favoring the party over chat.

From a design perspective, I’ve been working on my own UI and have incorporated some of your suggestions already (I just consider them good Ux). I have added opals to the main screen (along with ICE and glory) and still debating on essence. I can see arguments for and against. My hesitation is that it’s taken a backseat now and has been relegated to RNG and grinding. It might be better to keep it exclusive to the new skin system. One thing is for sure, it should appear in a user’s profile (along with the other currencies).

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