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New Lyra Skin! I LIKE IT!


I totally agree, I wqs just wondering,as we haven’t had a patch without a new hero in a while


Weeell, now as they try to compete with lol and dota 2, they defo need more heroes. /sarcasm


Was this skin ever leaked though? Considering the way this skin is looking Lorelai might be an Epic.


We got the splash art.


Agree, would had be better to be blue… and even better if it had similar effect to the B wall - insane… sadly it’s the standard A. Otherwise the skin is $$$


That’s for gameplay reasons. It differentiates between ally and enemy. Isn’t part of the skin’s effects on its own. Enemy Lyra would have that in red.


They can easily do the blue one for you/Lyra from your team and color the enemy one in red with the same cool effect as the B wall.


That’s for clarity and a standard I think. The only ability like that I can think of that’s not green/red is T3 Ardan gauntlet and it’s one terribly presented ability.


I don’t like the outline. Could give less f about colour.
It’s just sad to see how one part of a skin can make someone care less about it.


You might not like it but it’s there for gameplay reasons lol. It’s not getting removed and for good reason.


realising it should be enchantress


What have you done?!?!?!?

I can’t unsee it :face_vomiting:


those who have question about the green outline, I think I have an answer for you guys.
from a UXD (user experience designer) stand point. This is because of the color contrast ratio standard that they are trying to meet.

  • bragging * this is a part of my job, and my users are doctors, nurses. So a lot more critical than gamers :slight_smile:

My wild guess:
Ally’s positive affect will have this green outline.
Enemy’s negative affect will have the red outline, not sure how bright it is.
So this is not a part of her skin design but will be the standard in the whole game, on every hero. Remember they talked about changing the color contrast a few weeks ago? Yeah I think this is a part of it.

Most of us are lucky that we can see colors well, but there are some players who have bad eyes and but still want to play effectively.


The splash art is gorgeous, but I wish it didn’t have those margins on the sides. :nauseated_face: I would love to use it as a wallpaper, but the last time I could grab an image for a background was when there was still skin lore and they put the full art at the top of the page.


Have you checked out this thread?

BTW, I just checked – SEMC haven’t yet provided the full splash art. But we’ll add it to that thread when it’s available!


I haven’t, thank you :open_mouth: