New League event

This looks awesome – anyone played it?? What’s it all about??

They had me at “Never turn your back on the sea …”

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I played it almost all day yesterday. It’s incredibly fun, lest you get a Pyke on your team because for some reason new campion = invicible, but yeah. It’s wonderful. The Bilgewater map is by far their best.

Essentially, it’s an ARAM event where you can get lots of neat loot via special quests.

It’s amazing. It really is.

Also, in the right hands, Pyke is an absolute monster. His ult is just… Ruthless. Pretty fitting.


Butcher’s Bridge is a Bilgewater version of Howling Abyss (ARAM), which is like VGs Battle Royale mode. I really like the theme and event so far, especially getting some free stuff.

Also the theme for Pyke is really good ngl
Pyke Login Theme

Edit: Also they bring out lore pieces with events such as this for other characters as well. In this one riot brought some for Tahm Kench, Fizz, Nautilus, and Pyke.


Pyke is dum
exectutes everywhere lul
i like the adc changes tho, allows poke to be better

hes just applying his cc (death) man, it’s his job as a support he is trying to do his best pls

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