New item changes ideas

So the changes first.
(Note: I edited this once. The * marks the changes after the 1st edit)
*WP items:
-Breaking Point: I make these changes to make it easier to gain stacks.
+Number of stacks is reduced from 25 to 20.
+Bonus WP per stack is increased from 10 to 12.
+Base WP is increased from 55 to 65.
+Base WP is increased from 15 to 40.
+Base Armor Pierce is increased from 8% to 10%.
-Tension Bow:
+Instead of dealing an extra 240 WP damage after 6s, now it will deal 50 WP damage with extra WP damage based on 15% (*10%) of the target’s missing health after 10s.
+Cost is increased from 2150 to 2600.
-Tornado Trigger:
+New effect: now basic atttacks (*crits) will explode, dealing their damage in a 2m (*1.5m) radius (does stack with other AOE basic attacks)
+Additional crit ratio is reduced from 35% to 30%.
+Additional attack speed is increased from 45% to 55%.
-Tyrant’s Monocle:
+New effect: now crits will reveal the target for 1.2s.
+Additional crit ratio is increased from 35% to 40%.
*CP items:
-Broken Myth: (same as my last changes so unless somebody didn’t read that here’re the changes with additional tweaks):
+New: now for every 6s, the next damage ability will deal 25% more damage.
+Shield pierce is reduced from 30% to 20% (*15%).
+Additional CP is increased from 80 to 100.
-Alternating Current (this is the entire new one from my old patch):
+New: now the first basic attack will deal an additional 35% CP and shred the target’s shielding for 5%. Max 5 stacks. The second basic attack will deal an additional 70% CP and regain 15 (*5) energy.
+Build path: Piercing Shard + Blazing Salvo + 1300 gold.
+Cost is increased from 2800 to 2900.
+Effect: now after using an ability, the next ability not basic attack will deal additional CP damage based on 15% of the target’s max health. *Only occurs once every 5s.
+Cost is increased from 2400 to 2600 gold.

Some of the reworks… are just a little bit too overboard.
For example, the aftershock rework would suddenly spammable poke heroes like Celeste super OP, with only 1.2 seconds cooldown on her heliogenesis. That would mean that every 2.4 seconds, 15 percent % of the target health would simply disappear. And since heliogenesis is an AOE ability, all heroes hit by a supernova will have to face huge burst damage + 15% of their max health. Too much man. It could probably be 7.5%, that would be acceptable.

The Alternating Current Rework will make AC- based Mages unable to run out of energy, it will be too OP on Varya especially, considering her chain lightning… SHUDDERS. Also, Lyra will be unable to run out of energy considering that every other basic attack uses up 20 energy.

The broken Myth passive though is something I would like to see happening though, good job on that one. It will be sort of like Lightning Truncheon in Mobile Legends, though much less OP than that.

Tornado Trigger will be too OP please no
This would make CP mages utterly pointless because their niche is AOE damage and if WP has AOE… SHUDDERS

The Tension Bow change makes it an Item that will scale well allthroughout the game, it is like aftershock but on WP. The health percentage should not be higher than aftershock though. It should be 14%. But that is a nice change overall.

The Breaking point change feels unnecessary. It is fine as it is now.

The Bonesaw change is good too, it makes sense considering many people opt not to go bonesaw these days. It will make it more viable.

  • Breaking point buff? No thank you. There’s a reason why almost all WP heroes go BP. Yes, the damage goes from 10 per stack for 25 stacks to 12 per stack for 20 stacks, resulting in a net loss of 10 weapon power, but this is more than compensated by adding 10 base wp.

  • Bonesaw’s base wp increase is fine. The 8% to 10% is unnecessary, however, because of its passive.

  • TB change? 15% is way too much.

  • Tornado Trigger? Just no. Every WP hero will go TT now. There is a reason NO BASIC ATTACK IN THE GAME DOES AOE. Imagine a Ringo or Gwen with this, or even Rona.

  • Tyrants? Wait… what? You do know that you have to have vision to hit enemies in the first place? And that damaging enemies reveal them anyway?

  • Broken Myth? Yes, let’s make it into a new tension bow, which you want to change anyway, and let’s leave the pierce and 100 CP… this is post BM changes all over again. BM will be essential more than it already is.

  • Alternating Current? Unique, so maybe. I really dunno

  • Aftershock… interesting… but then ranged CP will be really strong.

Overall, I like that you try to incorporate more pierce in other items, something both trees lack diversity in, but some of these changes could ruin the game.

Sorry if I seem too bashy, or like I’m shutting down your ideas.

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@Blissey123 @Rivet Ok I have read your comments and made some changes above. Please re-read the thread.


I agree with bonesaw base damage buff.
TB is okay.

I would suggest your tornado trigger change as a new item. Concussive shells where crits deal aoe damage in a small circle zone. This would be so small the enemies need to be clumped up for it to work but it would help certain heroes with waveclear etc. Much like the old Contraption. God I miss that Item it was so much fun!!!

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Ok I love all of your ideas but hear me out for the Tornado Trigger’s changes. My friend said that this thing looks exactly like Skye’s Autocannon and do you know what Autocannon fires? HE or AP rounds ( you must know these abbreviations right :slight_smile: ). That’s the reason behind Tornado Trigger’s changes. Unless you all dislike it very much, here’s an alternative: all of the crits slow down the target by 5%. The slow is very minuscule but when when you have a full crit build, the enemy will be butthurt about this.