New heroes (that isn't a captain) have too much CC and utility

The last non-captain hero who was released without CC is Anka. That’s like 1 year ago. After that, heroes released have at least 1 CC in their kit. Silvernail has a ridiculous amount of CC as a carry: silence, heavy slow, snare, vision, knock back, and a stun. Inara has a slow, knock back, vision, and team speed boost (although this is somewhat alright for her since she deals low damage and is more of a utility jungler). Magnus has a long ranged stun that can apply, twice, to the whole enemy team, even when they’re not grouped together. Ylva has a stun and a huge, long duration root. Caine has a heavy slow and that ability deals huge damage, which he can spam multiple times in rapid succession. Leo, who deals an absurd amount of damage, has a root, slow, bleed, and knock back. The upcoming hero has a huge CC and that isn’t even his ult, it’s his 2nd ability. It would be good if non-captain heroes have high CC/utility and low damage and vice versa, but it seems they’re releasing heroes who are capable of doing both.


I think they hit a wall called joystick , even Shinkaigan talked about how joystick limited them , you think about new abilities and you can’t do them because of the joystick , I think they going to keep releasing heroes with cc , but the other positive thing is they are planning/working on an item reduce the cc duration or something close to that , he even asked if players can think of an item can do that , so we can discuss this here and find a good item counter cc .

But he has no mobility. He is for me one of the few new heroes that have a kit full of cc and it’s justified. Try removing cc from he and watch how useless he becomes (even more useless than now).


Yeah SN’s CC is what defines him. Not like other ranged carries, however…

Remove Silvernail’s utility and people will dive him with impunity. Right now, he can set you up for a huge stun at great risk to himself or zone you out of an area, but remove the CC from his ult or his A and he will lose any fight he’s in.

New heroes with crazy CC + Reflex Block nerfs makes me questions the future…

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He said something like new items likely at the end of next season. Thats a lot of time and who knows where the game will be then. You could read it posssibly as never. Lets hope not.

Meanwhile they will try to control the amount of cc by nerfing the RB. If you cc the enemy, they cant cc you, can they?


Yeah define skills in the game , is it called skilled if you reflex the stun or dodged the stun , I think the reflex nerf was to make people be more careful while playing not just do whatever they want and anything happens they reflex block , he said that making stun scale with cp for lance which made him stun for long time was bad , so they care about the duration not being long , I think churnwalker stun is unfair because it’s long and hard to block , while koshka and adagio stuns are long but they are easier to block , add to that the ping , not every player living next to the servers , some players get 100+ pings and that’s the normal .

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That theory works for range carries and maybe assassins. Ask a bruiser to not be in a position where he can be cced, you will see how easy is to do it.


If the Devs thinking about a new item it should be for bruisers , you need to make sure the anti cc item benefit bruisers and can’t be abused by the ranged and the assassins.

Easier to block? Did you know that Koshka can use her ult twice during the crucible cooldown or RB cooldown? So is basically a free long stun since it has no counterplay right now.

Even ShinKaigan said that CC is out of control and has little counter. He said that there is nothing to block it (RB) yet they keep nerfing it.

You said that it was nerf to prevent range heroes to do whatever they want to do without being punished. With a cooldown of 75s how you can’t punish them? They can’t do whatever they want. If they play agressive and block your CC is called counterplay.

I didn’t say easier like short cooldown , I meant easier as a reaction to block , so instead of having reflex block available each time you fight koshka , you have to becareful and wait your reflex block next fight or play safe out of koshka range .

For the ranged punishment that’s before the nerf , after the nerf they get punished easy , so the nerf propose is not letting ranged heroes do what they want without get punished .

But right now it’s cooldown is not balanced. Those habilities always had the same cooldown crucible and RB had because are game changers , so it was easy to block precisely because of that. After the nerfs to the cooldown, those habilities are not in line nor balanced with the crucible, so are game changers that can’t be blocked sometimes.