New Hero: Tracer



Confirmed to be our mystery carrot gal.


Misleading title. Her name is not Tracer but her perk name is Tracer shots.


bassic attack shoots energy karrots then the empowered shots must be carrot seeds


Every 4th basic attack is empowered. + a percentage of crystal power


What is confusing is: has a lance - decides to use it like a gun


you’ve never heard of StarGate ? lance shooting is a very old concept.


Oo looks interesting This text will be blurred


Oops. Imma hide myself

30 chars


Doesnt look op. Not as interesting.


Woah super futuristic owo looks like VG is going more sci fi with Kensei and this hero



So they finally did a crossover hero! :wink:


Tactical nuke incoming!!!



Who designed her? I’m tired of the 4 stacks and strong stuff. @Nivmett


To those who predicted Kinetic was the carrot gal… here’s the evidence up top ^^^


im glad i was wrong because she is really pretty! i wonder why enslave kensei though


Who wouldn’t enslave kensei when he is hot tbh


There’s one thing that’s bothering me: can be blocked by structures… I hope “structures” doesn’t include walls on the map. Maybe they mean turrets.


Wow, this looks lame. Hope she ends up at C tier so I never have to see the ugly design ee. Kensei at least looks cool :frowning: