New Hero Idea!

So for some reason a new monster hero idea just popped into my head and I figured drop it here.

So this thing would be a huge; grumpjaw huge, half worm/man thing with a huge bulging scaly, warty greenish body and a face like jabba the hutt and multiple tentacles for legs and arms, like petal X 9.

It’s A ability would be an aoe root and lifesteal where he would target an area and his tentacles would shoot underground and seconds later pop up and wrap around an enemy, rooting them. Including that, his tentacles have parasitic mouths on the end of them that suck the life out of the enemy and transfer it back to him.

This lasts for 3 seconds, 4.5 on overdrive with an additional decaying slow after the ability has ended, the enemy can still use non movement abilities during the root, and you are rooted in place as well during the ability. 7.5 range, 9 on overdrive. It can hit all enemies in a small target radius.

B ability is an acid spray over time from his belly that mortal wounds enemies and rapidly intensifies in damage the longer enemies stay in it’s blast, similar to SAW’s B. Leaves a puddle of acid that if stepped in damages with intensifying properties but with much less damage, and if stood in for 3 seconds, mortal wounds and slows enemies. He is again rooted, but instead of It spraying in a straight line, it sprays in a fan similar to Gwen but less range.

Damage stacks quickly but the enemy is not slowed unless they stand in an acid puddle. Acid puddle begins to form 2 seconds after spraying starts. 5 range, 7 on overdrive. Spraying has wind up of 1.5 seconds and lasts 5 seconds.

C Ult Is his enraged mode! After rooting in place and a short delay, all enemies surrounding him in a medium sized radius are rooted in place by his tentacles. During this ability he gains temporary 30 percent damage reduction. Tentacles root enemies in place for 6 seconds. During this time, for the first 3 seconds, his tentacles pump acid directly into the enemy body, damaging and mortal wounding enemies for the duration, then, for the next 3 seconds, the tentacles drain the life out of the enemy rapidly, and enemies are given decaying slow after the ability is finished for 2.5 seconds. On overdrive channeling time is increased slightly however the radius of this ability is also increased.

During this ability, he is rooted in place and enemies are still able to use non movement abilities, as well as enemies close enough to him can still basic attack.

His perk is that during all his abilities, while he is rooted, he is given a 10 percent damage reduction to all hits.

He’d best be used as a laner or captain.

He’d also be squishy with long cooldowns on abilities but the rate of increasing intensity for his health steal/acid dot would increase as his lvl went up.

Idk. Randomly thought of this, thought it’d be cool. He’d be countered by ranged carries but be a big pain for divers and assassins. His roots also provide team utility.

His basic is a tentacle that reaches out latches onto enemies, draining 3 percent of enemy health every 2 seconds while enemies stay in range. Has 4 range and can be targeted to multiple nearby enemies but cannot hit the same enemy twice.

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