New Hero Idea: Elder Healing Treant

Hero: Elder Healing Treant
Type: Roam
Attack type: Melee
Perk: 2-8% Increased HP Regen while in the brush - Scales with level.

Flavor Text: A Treant who has seen too much…

A-Ability: “Weave of thorns”
AoE Root, Size scales with level (Range starts at normal treant circle size and expands to Samuel’s drifting dark size), Default duration .2-1s Duration scales with .5% CP (Cap of 3s). Applies Mortal Wound but does not deal any damage.

B-Ability: “Growth”
For 2-8s Temporarily large increase attack range (increases to ringo’s attack range), All Health is reinforced temporarily. Attack range boost scales with .5% WP. Health Reinforcement scales with bonus max health.

Ult: “Seed of life”
Every 60s a seed can be placed which will last 20s, if the hero dies while it is active he will immediately resurrect over 5 seconds in the seeds location. Both timers are effected by cooldown (ex: if the cooldown time is halved to 30 the seed will only last 10s)

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aoe ROOT and MORTAL WOUNDS ? this is OP even with no damage. why? because the system can only display one negative status at a time, and root being the one that disables movement, it will display that, leaving mortal wounds hidden, thus the target being rooted doesn’t even know he’s also mortal wounded.

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I actually never knew that it only displayed one status at once, I dont think it is OP having them be a combo however I can see what you mean, hopefully SEMC will find a way to efficiently show more than one status at a time

Wrong it shifts the status effect like every half second or second. Try atlas + mortal wounds. Unless if like movement status have priority. I know this is true after being mortal wounded and atlas a bunch of times.